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Thursday, 11 September 2014


In Australia we are following the UK housing model.

FOPHV has pointed out to politicians that it isn't working over there, and they simply changed the subject !

Let's take a close look at how 'social' and 'community' housing is not working in the UK.
Well, it's not working for ordinary people, struggling and in need of housing - or the destitute.

It's working just fine for the company board members of course.

'Housing Association profits have grown tenfold in the last five years to stand at £1.93 billion.
Yet at the same time their operating costs have increased by only 11 per cent overall, the study finds. Forecasts suggest profit margins will increase further in the next four years.'

"Housing associations need to follow their guiding principles and not become bedazzled by the prospect of greater and greater profits.

"Every board member of a housing association should consider their social mission – are they doing all they can to help the least well off after the deepest recession in recent times?"

Calum Mercer “It is not right that housing associations are cashing in to such an extent on their social tenants."

Of course by this time it's too late.  The UK Government has lost all power to rectify the situation, having handed over its responsibilities to 'social housing' businesses.

Homelessness doesn't just happen. It's the result of bad housing policies ...

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  1. Here Here Fiona - We all need to be proactive and act now before it's too late! This country is going downhill at a rate of knots!