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Saturday, 30 May 2015



On Thursday 21st May 2015 we held a very successful Film and Information session on the future of public housing, homelessness and public tenants' rights.

Hosted by an enlightened group of urban professionals called Architects for Peace, and in partnership with Friends of Public Housing Vic the evening attracted a good crowd - in fact it was standing room only.

I spoke on the privatisation of public housing and we watched a film about how the poor are being shunted out of their homes in Berlin by endless rent rises, and are organising to stop this.

A vibrant group attended, including fellow public housing activists, Eileen Artmann, Kate Borland, and Yani Kirkinis. Apologies from Jeremy Dixon and Howard Marosi. We had Alma Ryrie-Jones - editor and policy writer supporting us. Also members of a local church. Public tenants came along and lots of interested members of the public. And of course the Architects for Peace. Afterwards the room was buzzing with great practical suggestions on where to go from here.  Wonderful energy!

  Here's a little about this organisation of architects, taken from their website.

Archite     Architects for Peace is an independent multidisciplinary group of architects, urban designers, engineers, planners, landscape architects, environmentalists and artists working in the public domain, seeking sustainable urban development and environmental justice based on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace.

A4P are a humanitarian, not for profit incorporated professional association.

A4P denounce the involvement of urban professionals in the creation of structures of repression, conflict and silence.

A4P expose and promote the discussion of political agendas which impinge on people's rights to their countries, cities, public spaces, land and their environment.

As a professional group Architects for Peace contribute and add to peace efforts, exercising the social responsibility of our professional roles.

Below is a link to another good news story, again featuring architects reaching out to local communities.

This is how things CAN be done when creativity, social inclusion and enlightened solutions for human problems come before the PROFIT FACTOR …
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Cheers, Fiona
I will endeavour to post at least twice a week. Please support our campaign. 

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  1. Great to hear of this event, would be nice to hear some of the suggestions that came from it. Keep up the good work Fiina