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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


 FOPHV is an independent grass-roots organisation made up of public tenants and our many supporters who believe that public housing is an essential public asset that should remain in public hands - management and titles.

We will talk to all political parties and encourage individual politicians - and we have met many who privately express unease about this policy direction - to use their influence to try and lobby for the need to save public housing.

If any candidate says something we think is important on this issue we will publish and discuss it. This does not mean we endorse their party. There are powerful interest groups in most of the political parties that want these transfers to go through.

After the election we will continue to work hard to get the politicians to see that the need to save public housing is imperative if we want to make sure that nobody is without shelter in a prosperous country like Australia.

Since housing is not working for many people in this country, we should not only save and increase the amount of public housing, but move away from it being seen as 'welfare housing'. As in other countries in Europe a modest little public housing flat, whose rents are linked to income rather than market forces, and with security of tenure, should be readily available to a far greater number of our citizens than what is presently the case.  

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