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Saturday, 15 November 2014




It is an extraordinary throw away line, but it does point to a truth that no-one else is saying ( publicly at least ) and that is that public tenants will lose important rights if they transfer to community housing. 

Tony Gilmore's article is not unsympathetic to the plight of public tenants and he has concerns about our rights being protected.

It is interesting that, as an expert in the field of stock transfers, he is expressing doubts about whether it is the magic bullet it is promoted as being. While all the states are 'marching forward to the brave new world of stock transfer', maybe we should pause and discuss such a massive change in housing policy direction while we still can.

For a Cook's Tour of the privatisation of public housing, state by state, read more ( it was written mid 2013 ) 

Some excerpts..

'Are we driving change by thinking about what is best for tenants and communities, or what looks best for bean counters?'             

'Rearranging the Chairs.
Viewing Australia from outer-space, an inter-galactic housing policy traveller may raise the rather obvious point that stock transfer does not create new social housing. However many times we change the name of the landlord, we do not build any new homes for people in housing need.'

'Queensland Government recently announced that all public housing would be transferred from their management by 2020.'        

Dr Tony Gilmore





















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