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Sunday, 15 February 2015


Unfair evictions... What is often not talked about is that as a 'community housing' tenant, there can be a 'no cause' eviction clause attached to the lease which means a tenant can be evicted without reason.

WHY aren't transferring public tenants ( and other prospective tenants ) not informed of this by DHS and other service providers / organisations that are supposed to protect the rights of vulnerable people?

 I have seen no accurate comprehensive FACT SHEET informing tenants of the differences between 'community/ social housing' and public housing - including the rights that public tenants will lose if they transfer across. This is unacceptable.

Public tenants tell Friends of Public Housing Vic that they are NOT being fully informed before making important decisions that will impact on their housing rights and future housing security.They relinquish their public housing leases without being informed of the serious implications. Many have English as a second language or low literacy skills.

Instead they say they are being actively encouraged and persuaded to enter into community/ social housing leases ... in line with stated housing policy direction.

Claiming charitable status means eligibility for GST concessions. There's nothing charitable about evicting people into homelessness ...

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