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Thursday, 28 April 2016



Public Housing has provided a safe, permanent refuge and a home to countless victims of domestic violence over the years.

Every single public housing property is desperately needed.

PLEASE can we stop the silence when it comes to the importance of saving public housing and the silence around proposed stock transfers ...

Here is a quote by the Chief Executive of Domestic Violence Victoria. We know its meaning will not be lost on the politicians ... but will they follow expert advice?

Taken from The Age

Domestic Violence Victoria chief executive Fiona McCormack said the Royal Commission heard first hand about the impact of a lack of affordable options for women and children, "but we've got a bottleneck getting women into refuge because we can't actually exit them out into safe and affordable accommodation."

"So we absolutely support the retention of publicly owned social housing," she said. 


Our comment

'Fairer Safer Housing Victoria' -a government paper inviting submissions, states that 'social housing' collectively refers to public housing and community housing' 

This definition means that social housing is an umbrella term which applies to both 'community' and 'public housing'. We try to avoid it where possible because it is quite confusing. 

But Ms McCormack's message is clear. She has come out in support of retaining public housing. 

Handing over the titles of public housing will exacerbate the crisis for domestic violence victims - mostly women and children.

The simple truth is - they are trapped in very dangerous situations - with NOWHERE TO GO !!


Please listen to our point of view...

We believe that we have a very important voice to add to the whole housing debate and the future of public housing.The fact that the arguments in support of public housing are being suppressed is deeply wrong.

The perspective from public tenants is invaluable because we know of what we speak ( the lived experience) 

Support Friends of Public Housing Victoria. 

Thankyou, Fiona McCormack. 
Chief Executive, 
Domestic Violence Victoria.



  1. Last week we had a discussion with two ladies - representatives from the Domestic Violence Campaign -at our local neighbourhood house.They were very knowledgable. One point they made strongly was that women try to get away from the violence but the refuges are full, and they end up living on the street or in their car with the kids. We need to save public housing. I was shocked to learn the statistics of how many women are killed by their partners. Women have nowhere to go and cant access services because they are forced by circumstances to live in their car.-MICK

  2. It was so bad. I think that we must support the retention of publicly owned social housing and other society people. I also agree with you that we stop the silence and speak for the safety.