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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


In public housing we support and help one another. We have very strong community values. Living in Public Housing is nothing like what you see on TV. We are getting sick and tired of being misrepresented - by those with a vested interest in denigrating public tenants and public housing. Fair go Australia.

Interview with YANI - staunch member of 
Friends of Public Housing Vic -FOPHV

Yani's thoughts and opinions

Public Housing is diminishing. It's disappearing before our eyes. We must put a stop to this- because homelessness will increase and more people will suffer. Crime, depression and suicide will increase and jails will be the next public housing.

It's amazing how homelessness and the public housing issue don't get a mention unless it's to bag us.
We always hear negative stories about public housing in the media -never positive stories. But if a celebrity has a bad hair day, breaks up with their partner or has a facelift, then that becomes 6 o'clock news.

People are living their lives through a little screen. You can put your life in your pocket and take it out when you want to see how your life is progressing. People would rather talk to people on Facebook than talk to their neighbour- that's even if they know who their neighbour is! Everyone's so busy on social media it seems like no-one's interested anymore in having a kiss and a cuddle. The phone can't talk to you. It can't understand you. It can't give you what another person can.
That's one reason why society's getting angrier by the day. I've seen a lot of road rage lately.

TV has run out of ideas. Most of it's just recycled mind-numbing crap. Australia is becoming so Americanised. We allow America to think for us. They didn't need to invade us- American lifestyles and values have taken over our country through the telly.

On TV today everyone's inspired, everybody loves somebody, and everybody's crying. Everyone needs therapy. Everyone's a role model. Everybody is young, slim and attractive. O give me a break!

Entertainment on the TV now is all about cooking shows and people renovating their homes. If people get thrilled by renos and cooking, then Australia needs to take a good hard look at itself.
On the other hand, if they were building public housing for the needy-  then they'd have my full attention- and my vote. If not- why bother watching these shows?

Another example- take the Queens 90th birthday celebrations on the telly the other night. All those countries were conquered and ruled by the English - and there they were celebrating the Queen's Birthday and even helping her to blow out the candles.
"Happy Birthday to You. You have colonised us too"
Wake up to yourselves!  If they were celebrating their independence then that would be a lot more interesting than celebrating being conquered. All the Queen's ever done in her life is cut ribbons. For her 90th she should be presented with a golden pair of scissors on a velvet cushion. I guess you can tell I'm not a Royalist   ; )

Don't get me started.. They talk too much, get paid too much and they deliver nothing. I need disabled parking outside my home. Every politician I've spoken to has promised me to do it. They even stood there taking notes while they were talking to me. They just wanted my vote. Nothing eventuated. Sometimes I have to be in a wheelchair following surgery. I've had heaps of surgeries ever since I was a kid. My joints are so full of iron I'm like the bionic man. It'd be easier for me to buy an extended roller, a can of blue paint and do it myself. BUT if a politician ended up in a wheelchair  it'd be done in a minute - in fact they'd give themselves two parking spaces.

You can't crack a joke these days without offending someone and being called a racist, sexist, homophobic or whatever. Every word- every syllable, gets broken down and analysed- and if you get it wrong they jump all over you. They want to drag you down to the stocks until you learn some manners, and become politically correct, and promise never to offend anyone ever again.

Pretty soon we'll have to look up jokes in the archives to see how people used to talk and how they used to be themselves.

Don't judge what you can't see. I have a severe disability- walking is a big deal for me. The cops stopped me once walking down Carlton cos they thought I was drunk- and made me breathe into a breathaliser bag. As a matter of fact I don't drink, take drugs or gamble. I did as they instructed. When they realised their mistake, they were so embarrassed all they could say was 'Have a nice night' and they drove off.

It's not a crime if you can't read or write too well. You can still get through life ok. I might not be able to read or write like the rest of them but I do not need anyone to think for me. I'm very sharp. I'm clever. I'm a highly skilled tradie. Ive got common sense and people skills. 'Please' and 'thankyou' go a long way.

Public tenants are sick of being treated like we are some kind of social experiment. Get to know us and our communities before you judge us. Public housing is an essential social service. Just look around you at all the homelessness and you tell me if Public Housing is important. Why not focus on the politicians for a change and how they carry on.. All they are into is power, money and greed. Maybe it's them that need theraparising- so they can learn to stop judging others and be more compassionate. 

They should stop thinking about their own back pocket and their power- trips. Fix up the country's problems- housing, hospitals, education and employment.

 Aww Just a big softy at heart- At the Daffodil Festival in Kyneton.


  1. I like how you think YANI I am to a member of save public housing slowly starting my group on the western suburb. I find people agree with what we say but I feel they fear to be notice but I let them know they can have there opinions no harm can come to them. I am in housing as well but I sure voice my opinion on anything that is unfair to human race you take care we might meet in the future bye for now ok xx

  2. I love "happy birthday to you, you colonised us too Yani, I agree with what you say, but am surprised you don't mention climate change as our big issue. This year in Brisbane we got a whole extra month of summer, politicians are business men really looking to set things up for their own benefit.