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Tuesday, 31 July 2018



                                               TELL 'EM THEY'RE DREAMING !!!

WHY IS HOMELESSNESS ESCALATING ?? The main reason is that PUBLIC HOUSING is being PRIVATISED by stealth - both major political parties are doing this - and successive state governments are refusing to build more housing to address the urgent need.

Public Housing stands at a ridiculous and tragic 3% of all housing in Victoria- ( Shaw ) and even that is not safe from developer greed and private empire-building ambition!

( Interestingly when the Liberals were in power in Victoria, they were less coy about using the word 'privatisation' whereas the Andrews Labor government wants to avoid the word at all costs! )

As you can see from this Budget Submission, Community Housing ( also known as 'Social Housing' ) want the titles of 12,000 publicly owned properties, as well as public land to be handed over to them. They also want millions of dollars in start-up funds, and continuous access to public money in the form of Commonwealth Rent Assistance. CRA is not needed by public tenants whatsoever- because public housing, being outside market forces, is the only truly affordable housing available for those on low incomes, and on pensions.

Their active role in Labor's "Public Housing Renewal Program" as outlined in this budget submission makes it highly unlikely that public tenants will be returning to PUBLIC HOUSING - owned and managed by the government - as many public tenants have been assured they will be...

The fact is that under the  Residential Tenancy Act, Community ( Social ) Housing landlords are identical to private landlords.

The major players, the ones most likely to win lucrative government tenders, are the Housing Associations which are also property developers... ( so don't be fooled by the cosy, folksy term Community and Social Housing

So many organisations and individuals have been co-opted and this has been cleverly orchestrated for years. It surprises me that many well- meaning people who talk sympathetically about homelessness, think it is somehow ok to continue to obscure the role of Community Housing in the privatisation of Public Housing. Often they have career aspirations in the burgeoning Community Housing sector, and therefore there is a conflict of interest involved.

Friends of Public Housing Victoria will continue to try and get the truth out in the public domain.
The public have a right to know what is going on. There is no excuse for lack of transparency and ongoing secrecy.

After all Public Housing is a public asset. Once its gone, it's gone forever.

Friends of Public Housing Victoria's position is that if we continue to go down this path of privatisation, the tragedy of homelessness will continue to worsen...

There are many wonderful enclaves of public housing in the inner city. These public housing flats in Nth Melbourne are going to be bulldozed, the residents uprooted and displaced, and the public land sold off to developers. The peak body for Community Housing says in their submission that many of the inner city walk-up flats targeted for 'renewal' by the Andrews government, are in need of 'total replacement'. We don't agree. Most of these homes are perfectly habitable and in good condition. Those that need renovation should be renovated, but they should remain public assets. Noone St Public Housing Estate in Clifton Hill, also slated for demolition, was extensively renovated ten years ago and is in very good condition.


Thank-you for the growing interest in this blog. Help us to Save Public Housing! 

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Friends of Public Housing Vic
Public Housing Defense Network

and local groups are springing up  Protect Abbotsford Street ( Nth Melbourne )  Nth Brighton Residents Action Group   Darebin Community Friends of Public Housing


To find out more about this Budget Submission

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