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Sunday, 20 March 2016


'Privatised Power stations and utility delivery systems hurt us all except the buyers who won the lottery through un-restrained price gouging (The 'competition benefits the consumer' mantra looks a little sick when you think of Woolies / Coles Caltex/Shell ).  Did I hear cartel ??
And so again we come back to Privatised 'Public Housing' (it's even nonsensical to write!). This will benefit the consumer. Sure !!!  Like petrol price competition benefits us!
 [Benchmark price today of oil (Sweet,light crude) $32.25, less than half the highest in 52 weeks.] How is the pump price not $0.85? CARTELS.
A little simplistic and perhaps a long bow, but the market will NEVER deliver consumer benefits whilst we have no choice !!
And women escaping domestic violence, men thrown out of work with nothing ahead but the dole, young people running from abuse and neglect, kids leaving 'out of home care', refugees, separated women with no super, no finances. You want to pretend these groups, these people have CHOICES ???,
You cannot shop around for the best deal in social housing when you simply don't earn the bucks to pay for anything they offer. 
And the community housing sector is NOT offering anything remotely close to a solution to this systemic problem. They simply - it seems to me - want to play in a bigger sandpit filled with the public's sand! AND WE WILL NEVER GET IT BACK !!!!
My twitter feed is being 'lit up' by NSW and Victorian Community/Social Housing lobbyists decrying my jaundiced view of the sell off of public housing. Too bad!
The 'fight for the title' is what all this is about. 
But the LAND is ours!  Not Bairds. Not Kennetts. Not Turnbulls. Not mine! Not yours!  it's sovereign wealth, despite the bloody fact that we are usurpers of the traditional custodians and despite that robbery, we somehow retain the fucking mind-numbing arrogance to think it's 'ours' to sell? This isn't 'SKIing' (spending the kids inheritance). This is simply WRONG!'


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  1. Yeah, markets are there for people not people for markets. If the market can satisfy the need of people for housing we shouldn't say so much the worse of the people but so much the worse for the market. Attitudes are changing, I don't think people worship the Holy Market as much as they did a few years ago. -Jeremy