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Saturday, 19 March 2016


Public tenants speak -
ChuChu  - Public tenant from Ethiopia

'Public Housing means everything to us!  Coming to this country as a refugee, public housing gave me security and a safe home. There's a big difference between public housing than private housing. I lived in private rental place till I was offered my public housing flat. I did not like living in private rental. I felt like a different person there. Everyone just lives their own life. No-one cares about you. I felt lonely. Public housing gave me confidence because everybody here is friendly. Public tenants come from a lot of different cultural backgrounds.'

Addo  - public tenant from Ethiopia

‘Later on they’ll say we should have spoken up when we had the chance. 
But how could we, when no-body would tell us what was going on !? ’

Lesley Agar  ( public tenant Qld )

Public Housing has the effect of maintaining sane rental and mortgage prices. Australians pay a larger proportion of their income on rent or mortgages than most countries in the world. This contributes to the climate of FEAR which is growing in our beautiful country where a fair go for everybody is becoming less and less common. Everyone needs to stand up for public housing to maintain this buffer of sanity.

Greed is the greatest evil on this planet. Australia used to be the 'lucky country' but nowadays the housing boom has lined the pockets of the real estate agents and other Fat Cat minorities and the homeless, low income, working poor, and the average Joe, is tormented by the high prices of unaffordable housing. This destroys communities. People have to move all the time. 'Lucky country' no more!

I lived in a Granny flat for 4 years. I hope I never have to repeat that experience. Everybody in the suburb around me owned their own home and I was treated like the 'wierdo loser' who lived out in the garden. They didn't really want me there. They just wanted the rent and the regular gardening I agreed to do as part of my rent. The superior attitude they had towards me was really horrible.

Lou  ( public tenant- Carlton )  on gentrification.

Human Rights lawyers believe we have the right to stay in our homes. Many lawyers are just sharks for the money- but Human Rights lawyers are more compassionate, they are for the people. Its very hard to find a lawyer who wants to fight for a just cause for very little money. A good percentage of lawyers belong with cars salesmen and real estate agents. They’ve got the gift of the gab. They just look after themselves. It's very hard to find a lawyer to help us fight for our rights before the hammer comes down on us all.   

Our way of life and our communities will be sold and forgotten. How can we pick up our lives and move on after such a destruction of our way of life and community values?  You can't put a price on that!  But the government has. The government has put a price on us.

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