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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Introducing Howard Marosi - Public housing campaigner

Howard is a Union delegate and skilled negotiator with a broad interest in politics. As a member of Friends of Public Housing Victoria he arranged a meeting with Trades Hall Council, where we gave a presentation on the privatisation by stealth of public housing. 

At that meeting, Trades Hall Council passed a resolution to oppose any further transfers of public housing stock to 'social' and 'community' housing.

Yarra Council has a lot of public housing. In June 2012, there was an unanimous decision by Yarra Council which opposed further transfers of desperately needed Public Housing to Housing Associations and Community Housing Organizations. Yarra Council was alarmed at how much public housing they stood to lose. Moreland Council passed a similar resolution.

The Napthine Liberal Government announced that it was intending to transfer 12,000 public housing properties to Community Housing Organizations. Now, the Andrews Labor Government has declared that it is prepared to privatize an unspecified amount of public housing, handing over first the management, with a view to transferring titles later.

Before the last election, the Greens had a policy of "no privatization of Victoria`s public housing assets". The newly elected Green MP in Prahran, Sam Hibbins, won by such a narrow margin that it is likely that the Public Tenant vote got him over the line, particularly as the Greens doorknocked the housing estates. Likewise, Ellen Sandell was elected in Melbourne with a large public housing constituency.  Now, after the election, the Greens policy is to support privatization under certain conditions, which is not that different from the Andrews Labor Government.

Privatizing public housing/allowing management or ownership by Community Housing Organizations will weaken the rights and protections currently enjoyed by Public Housing tenants.


  1. Howard Marosi's thoughtful comments provide much food for thought.Transfers of Victoria's housing stock owned by all Victorians collectively should be resisted as it is 1.a huge loss of public resources 2.Does little or nothing to reduce public housing waiting lists 3.provides less secure tenure for vulnerable tenants unable to afford market-based rents 4.set up undemocratic housing associations with minimum membership and little accountability as landlords largely outside government regulation.GM

  2. Well guys I am back on board I hope to be advocate for FOPHV in the western suburbs as the problem is all over Australia we need more volunteers for our work so contact Fiona and see how you can help. I have been with the group since late last year you will see how amazing the work. We need to wake up more departments and get them along side of us so guys out there make contact as more the merrier. DEE