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Monday, 19 October 2015


IT'S OFFICIAL. In spite of all their denials, Victorian State Labor government is 'considering' handing over Public Housing to Community Housing Organisations.    
Here is my letter to The Age -  Jeremy Dixon

Lesley Dredge, Executive Officer of the Community Housing Federation doesn't think it's privatisation when public housing properties are handed over to private "community" operators such as she represents. ( News 19 Oct ) Well, it will do until privatisation comes along. If your local state high school was handed over to, say, Geelong Grammar then that would surely be privatisation, and the cases are parallel.

The Community Housing interests have done a brilliant job of making government workers and politicians of most persuasions see Community Housing's seizure of public assets as inevitable. Whatever their public relations people are paid- it is not enough.

But still it is privatisation we are talking about and no amount of spin can disguise it.
The result will be the disaster we have come to expect from privatisation.

Jeremy Dixon
Nth Carlton Public Housing flats


  1. I think you are quite right it is privatisation with spin. In NSW where I live they are selling off freehold the community housing as it is leased from along with the public housing in Millers Point and if it's not stopped, there will be Zero % affordable /social housing in this heritage listed suburb just because they want to sell it all freehold

    1. Millers Point is just the tip of the iceberg. Yet it is the only instance the general public really knows about because of its high profile. Bulldozing, selloffs and transferring of public housing to community/social housing has been happening for years without any real media coverage.

  2. SHAME SHAME ON LABOUR FOR LETTING THEIR VOTERS DOWN JUMPING SHIP AND LEAVE US TO FEND FOR OUR SELVES. I am heart broken to known what u have done. Over 80 yrs of votes for labours have come from my family,i am glad some of them are not to c this. I AM OVER 60 YRS OLD AND VOTERED FOR LABOUR BUT NOT NOW WHAT WAS YOU GIVEN TO ALLOW SOMEONE ELSE MAKE US SUFFER SHAME SHAME

    1. The privatisation of Public Housing by the ALP is an absolute betrayal of working class people. These properties have already been paid for by the tenants and by the community. They belong to the people of Victoria.