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Wednesday, 22 June 2016



Although I don't agree with the DLP on some other key issues, they have an excellent
policy regarding public housing.

Public Housing Policy - DLP

'All public housing must be owned and have title held by either Federal, State or Municipal governments to provide security of tenure, with an immediate freeze on all sales and gifting of public housing properties (aka stock transfers) to social/ community housing sector and housing associations. Except for compulsory acquisition where the property must be replaced in the same area on a like-for-like basis.

Public housing rental rates should be capped at 25% of earnings, with the provision of 15% for people in ill health and for people with disabilities.

Public housing should be administered by appropriate government departments, not out sourced to non-government appointed and paid companies.

There needs to be an immediate increase in public housing stock to meet demand.'


  1. Just went on to the DLP's website. Just when i was thinking I might give them a vote, I checked out their marriage principles.
    Homophobic - yet they claim to protect the vulnerable etc, what a joke. I am a public housing approved occupant, gay, a carer, an injured worker,in my late 50's, worried about my future job prospects, and am sick to death of these organisations who claim to care for the vulnerable......Prejudice is prejudice period. Let's call it for what it is.

  2. Yes I agree with what you are saying. I also have issue with the DLP's anti-abortion position. That's why I prefaced the post by saying that I don't support their position on other key issues. We have to consider all of a political party's policies, before deciding to vote for them. However, it's only fair on a housing blog, to point out that when it comes to public housing the DLP has an excellent policy. Better than most.